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  • Win the Clash Royale by Using the Best Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale

    Supercell has developed and launched a new game and i.e. Clash Royale. This is a combined game of card games and battle field. This game contains 11 battlefields and each has the limit of the trophy. Clash Royale is the real-time multiplayer game which has featured all the popular characters from Clash of coins and chests. Here players have collected the cards to level up and win the trophy. This game had won the title for the “Game of the Year” from Apple and Best Game by Google Player. Here there are some tips and tricks are discussed for use while playing the game.


    Check out the List of Best Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale


    Never Be Afraid to Wait: Looking at an open battle field and waiting for an attack from the enemy, will be little tense moment. Enemies can also smash your towers. Don’t leave the field and always fight. Always go for the combined attack which is more effective.


    Never be Afraid To Take smash up: If the player wants to win the King tower then injured himself is necessary. It is not easy to win the king’s tower. For winning the game, king’s tower is must yours. When the player got the one tower, the troops are moved on the opponent's king tower. It means their troops will be at some distance from their King tower, and it is not easy to hit the players as fast as the player can hit theirs. Just keep in mind that take the hit, though lose the tower.


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    Know the Cards and balance the deck: Get all the information about cards and set the desk with a set of plenty of complimentary cards. Always compare the units and find which is better against other and which are good for smashing the towers. Also, check which units are chosen to out fast if dropped at the wrong time. Check out all the strengths and weaknesses and start to build a deck with long distance weapons, splash damaged units, attack tanks and use all of them at the right time.



    Have a Look on the Clock: There are all varieties of ways to drag out a win, and be aware of which one makes the majority wisdom in given time. When only three minutes are left, the player who has more crowns has won the game. If there will be a tie then go for the next crown wins. Use these advantages while playing the game.



    Never be Panic: If the opponent is putting you under a pressure or maybe you will lose a tower, then doesn’t be panic in these conditions. The opponent acts quickly has already a lost!!



    Never Use Units in a Hard Rush: when it is a situation that only 1 minute is left, at that time never use your all units forward. Always keep checking that your towers and King’s tower which in the middle is always protected.

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